We describe a new genus of mesophilic actinomycetes, for which we propose the name . The strains of this genus form abundant aerial hyphae that fragment into rod-shaped elements. Whole-cell hydrolysates contain the isomer of diaminopimelic acid and no characteristic sugar (wall chemotype III). The phospholipid pattern type is type PII (phosphatidylethanolamine is the characteristic phospholipid); the major menaquinone is MK-9. The fatty acid profile comprises saturated, unsaturated, and branched-chain fatty acids of the iso and anteiso types in addition to tuberculostearic acid (10Me-C). A 16S ribosomal DNA sequence analysis revealed that the genus is phylogenically related to the genera , and . The type species of this genus is sp. nov.; the type strain of this species is strain IMMIB D-958 (= DSM 44073).


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