We investigated expression of acid phosphatases containing low-molecular-mass (25 to 27-kDa) polypeptides (Lmmp-APs) similar to those described previously for serovar typhimurium and in strains that were representatives of 43 different enterobacterial species by using a zymogram technique developed for detection of Lmmp-AP activities and for analysis of some of the properties of these enzymes. Under conditions that were suitable for detection of the previously described Lmmp-APs, production of similar enzymes appeared to be widespread but not universal among enteric bacteria, and heterogeneous patterns of expression were found among strains belonging to different genera and, in some cases, among strains belonging to different species of the same genus. We found that class A Lmmp-APs (i.e., Lmmp-Aps similar to the PhoC and serovar typhimurium PhoN acid phosphatases) were also expressed in spp., spp., , and Yokenella strains and that class B Lmmp-APs (i.e., Lmmp-APs similar to the NapA and serovar typhimurium NapII acid phosphatases) were also expressed in strains of spp., spp., serovar typhi, , and . No Lmmp-AP activity was detected in strains of spp. other than spp. other than , and spp. Because of the heterogeneous patterns of expression of Lmmp-APs, analysis of these enzymes could be useful for evolutionary studies of the enterobacterial genome and for precise phylogenetic positioning of enteric bacteria.


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