Isolates belonging to the “ species group that appear to exhibit a gliding type of motility, which is expressed as spreading growth on certain types of agar media, are described. These strains resembled a biotype of “ that is usually isolated from genitourinary sources and is notable for its ability to ferment a wide array of carbohydrates. This biotype, which is currently included in the species , has been implicated in cases of neonatal infection. The “ isolates which we studied lacked any observable organelles of motility and gave negative results when they were tested in conventional motility test medium stab cultures. Colonies growing on certain agar media, however, spread over the surfaces of plates and increased in area with increasing time of incubation. Chocolate agar supported maximum spreading, while this characteristic was barely discernible on blood agar. Electron microscopy studies revealed that there was more production of extracellular glycocalyx by motile strains than by a nonmotile isolate having a similar biotype. The results of an analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences suggested that the motile strains are closely related to and represent a distinct rRNA population within the “ species complex.


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