Six similar strains which were isolated as pathogens of cultured kuruma prawns () in Japan had characteristics of the genus . These organisms were distinguished from previously described species by their positive results in tests for gelatinase and lipase activities and their negative reactions in tests for arginine dihydrolase and lysine and ornithine decarboxylase activities, growth in the presence of 6% NaCl and at 35°C, acid production from sucrose, utilization of -glucuronate and propionate, and luminescence. The G+C contents of the DNAs of these organisms were 46.2 to 47.0 mol%. The levels of DNA relatedness among these six strains were 87 to 99% (as determined by the membrane filter method), while the levels of DNA relatedness between prawn pathogen strain KH-1 (T = type strain) and members of 28 previously described species were less than 18%. The name sp. nov. is proposed for the prawn-pathogenic strains. The type strain is strain KH-1 (= IFO 15640 = JCM 9123).


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