Three independently isolated polychlorophenol-degrading strains of bacteria were characterized on the basis of chemotaxonomic and nutritional characteristics. Previously, these strains were assigned to the species , which was described on the basis of the properties of one of the strains, strain PCP-I (T = type strain) (J. H. A. Apajalahti, P. KÄrpÄnoja, and M. S. Salkinoja-Salonen, Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol 36:246-251, 1986). However, the results of analyses of mycolic acids suggested that these organisms should be transferred to the genus as These bacteria have -diaminopimelic acid, arabinose, and galactose as cell wall constituents, mycolic acids containing 75 to 80 carbon atoms, and a predominant menaquinone with nine isoprenoid units and one hydrogenated double bond. The fatty acids include mainly straight-chain saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids with 10 to 18 carbon atoms and a large proportion of 10-methyloctadecanoic acid (tuberculostearic acid). The G+C contents of the DNAs of the three strains range from 67 to 69 mol%.


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