Strains of a new species, , were isolated from food and a variety of mammals. This species was recognized on the basis of the results of an analysis of genomic RI fragments containing portions of the rRNA operons. The patterns of hybridized fragments obtained from strains belonging to the new taxon were sorted into a distinguishable cluster and were distinct from the and patterns. The results of DNA-DNA hybridization reactions demonstrated that strains in this cluster were more closely related to and than to other species and yet were significantly different. While these strains had some of the phenotypic characteristics of the species group, the newly recognized taxon could be distinguished by its very small colonies on P agar, absence of alkaline phosphatase activity, and lack of acid production from L-arabinose, maltose, -acetylglucosamine, D-mannose, and raffinose. The type strain of the new species is strain DD 756 (= ATCC 51145).


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