We analyzed the 16S ribosomal DNAs of three obligately aerobic, bacteriochlorophyll -containing bacteria, “,” “,” and new isolate T4 (T = type strain), which was obtained from a marine cyanobacterial mat. “” is a member of the α-1 subclass of the and is moderately related to , and (level of sequence similarity, 90%). “” and isolate T4 are closely related to and (level of sequence similarity, 95%). These organisms are members of the α-4 subclass of the Strain T4 is a motile, red or orange bacterium. The major carotenoids are bacteriorubixanthinal and erythroxanthin sulfate. In vivo measurements revealed bacteriochlorophyll absorption maxima at 377, 590, 800, and 868 nm. Strain T4 grows in the presence of 5 to 96%‰ salinity and uses glucose, fructose, acetate, pyruvate, glutamate, succinate, and lactate as substrates. On the basis of its distinct phylogenetic position and phenotypic characteristics which are different from those of , we propose that strain T4 should be placed in a new species of the genus The descriptions of “” and “” are emended.


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