Two pseudomonad strains that produce a yellow cellular pigment, in addition to a diffusible fluorescent pigment on Kings medium B, were isolated from cankers on walnut trees. Biochemical properties, such as a positive oxidase reaction, a negative arginine dihydrolase reaction, and the production of a fluorescent pigment, in addition to the results of an extensive nutritional characterization study and DNA-DNA hybridization experiments, indicated that these strains belong to a new rRNA group I species. This conclusion was supported by the results of a determination of the sequence of the PCR-amplified 16S rRNA gene and a comparison with the 16S rRNA genes of other bacterial species. The genomic DNAs of the strains had a base composition of 63 mol% G+C. The name sp. nov. is proposed. Strain B62 (= NCPPB 3063) is the type strain of the species.


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