A chemotaxonomic analysis of 14 species revealed the phenotypic heterogeneity of this genus. The type species, , and 11 other species share similar isoprenoid quinones, fatty acids, and polar lipids. Two species, and , including subsp. and subsp. , were characterized by a pattern of chemotaxonomic properties that was clearly distinct from the pattern obtained for the authentic species. The results of a previous phylogenetic analysis of 16S ribosomal DNA and 5S rRNA indicated that the type species and its relatives are distantly related to members of the genus , whereas a member of the other group was found to be phylogenetically related to, but clearly distinct from, members of the family . On the basis of these phenotypic and genomic differences, we propose the name gen. nov. for a new genus containing the previously misclassified species and describe comb. nov., comb. nov., and comb. nov. The type species of the new genus is , and the type strain is DSM 43850 (=ATCC 25242).


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