The 16S rRNA gene sequences of “” and several species considered to be phylogenetically related to the group 2 bacilli of Ash et al. (C. Ash, J. A. E. Farrow, S. Wallbanks, and M. D. Collins, Lett. Appl. Microbiol. 13:202-206, 1991) were determined. A comparative analysis of the sequence data revealed that the round-spore-forming group 2 bacilli, together with some asporogenous taxa (the genera ), form a phylogenetically distinct cluster that is only remotely related to , the type species of the genus . Within this cluster, planococci, kurthiae, spp., and two lines defined by and and by , and were found to be distinct genera. and were found to form a distinct clade, which was peripherally related to this cluster. “” exhibited no specific relationship with the group 2 bacilli or with any of the other reference species examined.


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