Two genetically diverse groups of strains were identified among cultures of pv. vesicatoria isolated from plants with bacterial spot of pepper and tomato. Group A strains do not pit pectate gels or hydrolyze starch, whereas group B strains are strongly positive for these reactions. Group A strains cause a hypersensitive reaction in plants of tomato breeding line Hawaii 7998, but group B strains do not. Other differences between the two groups of strains were discovered in tests for utilization of carbon compounds, serology, fatty acid profiles, silver-stained protein bands on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis gels, and DNA restriction enzyme digestion profiles. The levels of DNA homology between strains belonging to the same group were more than 74%, but the levels of DNA homology between strains belonging to different groups were less than 46%. The two groups of strains have different genetic backgrounds, but cause essentially the same disease of tomato and pepper.


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