A small, anaerobic, gram-positive coccobacillus that reduces cholesterol to coprostanol was isolated from a hog sewage lagoon. This isolate, strain HL (T = type strain) does not require cholesterol for growth, but it requires lecithin and has phospholipase activity. Much acid is produced by the fermentation of amygdalin, lactose, and salicin. Arabinose, cellobiose, fructose, glucose, mannose, and melibiose are fermented weakly. Acetic, formic, and succinic acids are produced, as is hydrogen. The isolate does not reduce nitrate, produce indole, or hydrolyze starch and gelatin. Esculin is hydrolyzed. The properties of strain HL are most similar to those of members of the genus . Because strain HL (= ATCC 51222) has unique morphological and physiological properties, we propose that it should be the type strain of a new species in the genus .


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