A gene for a ribosomal protein, , was amplified by PCR and sequenced from representatives of the class . Alignments of the deduced amino acid sequences allowed the construction of a phylogeny that is consistent with the phylogenetic trees created from 5S and 16S rRNA comparisons, including the position of the former on the branch, rather than with the classical . Additional confirmation of the phylogeny comes from the deduction that the UGA triplet encodes tryptophan in the gene from , as it does in the mycoplasmas and spiroplasmas. The sequence data from 743 and sp. strain J233 allow refinements to the phylogenetic tree within the , providing evidence that the sterol requirement of (order ) is a derived trait. It was also evident that the nonhelical plant-pathogenic members of the class , referred to as mycoplasmalike organisms or phytoplasmas, are more closely related to the true acholeplasmas ( and strain J233) than to other members of the .


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