Levels of DNA relatedness were determined for 16 strains of and , and two distinct groups were recognized. The DNA base compositions of the members of one group ranged from 37.4 to 38.7 mol% guanine plus cytosine and the DNA base compositions of the members of the other group ranged from 42.7 to 43.5 mol% guanine plus cytosine. The phenotypic characteristics after growth at 50°C and acid production from maltose correlated with the levels of DNA relatedness and DNA base compositions. Strains in the first group exhibited high levels of DNA relatedness to the type strain of and were identified as strains. Strains in the second group exhibited high levels of DNA relatedness to authentic reference strains of but did not exhibit relatedness to JCM 5885(= NCDO 1859) (T = type strain). The taxonomic standing of the type strain of was examined, and strains in the second group were identified as In addition, we request the replacement of the type strain with the proposed neotype DSM 20284 (= JCM 8797 = NRIC 0115).


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