DNA relatedness studies (hydroxyapatite method) were done on 112 strains of citrobacteria. By using the recommended definition of a genomospecies 11 genomospecies were identified in the genus These genomospecies were separable by their biochemical profiles. and proved to be homogeneous species, as previously described. biogroup 1, as described by Farmer et al. (J. Clin. Microbiol. 21:46-76, 1985), was shown to be a separate homogeneous species, which was named sp. nov. The complex was quite heterogeneous. sensu stricto, as represented by the type strain, contained only 9 of 66 strains in this complex. The remaining 57 strains were members of seven genomospecies. Genomospecies 5, containing 21 strains, was named sp. nov. Genomospecies 6, containing 15 strains, was named sp. nov. Genomospecies 7 and 8, each containing six strains, were named sp. nov. and sp. nov., respectively. Genomospecies 9, 10, and 11, each containing three strains, were not named.


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