A subspecies relationship with the existing species is appropriate for the F38 group of mycoplasmas, the causative agent of classical contagious caprine pleuropneumonia. We believe that this classification is justified on the basis of the close DNA-DNA relationship recently reported for isolates belonging to the two groups and the other known serological and biological similarities and differences of these organisms. Strain F38 (T = type strain) and taxonomically indistinguishable strains are therefore proposed as members of a new subspecies of subsp. . Strain F38 (= NCTC 10192) is the type strain of subsp. subsp. nov. As a consequence of this subdivision of the species , strains previously classified as are now necessarily relegated to subspecies status, as subsp. subsp. nov. Strain California kid (= ATCC 27343 = NCTC 10154) is the type strain of , as well as of subsp. . A taxonomic description of subsp. and a brief amended description of subsp. are presented.


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