Twelve strains placed in the genera , and , including soil isolates, were characterized taxonomically. On the basis of morphological, physiological, and chemotaxonomic data, as well as DNA-DNA hybridization data, we propose that 11 of these strains should be classified in the genus as new combinations or new species, as follows: comb. nov. (type strain, IFO 3751 [= ATCC 8091]), sp. nov. (type strain, IFO 14344), sp. nov. (type strain, IFO 13309), sp. nov. (type strain, IFO 15074 [= DSM 20143]), sp. nov. (type strain, IFO 15075 [= DSM 20489]), sp. nov. (type strain, IFO 15300), and sp. nov. (type strain, IFO 15077 [= JCM 1358]). Whereas the peptidoglycan type of members of this genus is considered to be B2β, the new species was shown to have a new peptidoglycan type, murein variation B2β. An emended description of the genus is presented.


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