On the basis of phenotypical characteristics and analysis of 16S rRNA sequence, a new species belonging to a new genus is described, and the name is proposed. This organism, isolated from Mediterranean seawater near a petroleum refinery, is a gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped bacterium. It grows at NaCl concentrations of 0.08 to 3.5 M and uses various hydrocarbons as the sole source of carbon and energy. Its DNA has a guanine-plus-cytosine content of 52.7 mol%. The 16S rRNA analysis shows a clear affiliation between and the gamma group of the phylum A close phylogenetic relationship appears among the species , and Because of the impossibility of finding a single most closely related species, we suggest that this bacterium be assigned to a new genus, at least temporarily. The possibility of a revision of this status when new data appear is, however, not excluded. The type strain is SP.17 (=ATCC 49840).


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