We examined 22 previously described and newly isolated strains by performing denaturing gel electrophoresis of whole-cell proteins and assigned these strains to previously described species. S-6 (T = type strain) and C 16 were very similar in terms of the electrophoresis patterns of their proteins and in their DNA sequences (the results of reassociation experiments indicated that there was 77% sequence similarity). Thus, is a junior subjective synonym of , and strain C 16 is a reference strain of C 16 was similar to in other characteristics that have not been reported previously, including the ability to catabolize acetate and a lack of halophily. All of the strains examined, including the marine strains C 16 (= C 16) and C2A, were slightly halotolerant (rather than halophilic, as originally described). sp. strain FR-1, which has gas vesicles, was more similar to MS than to Z-761 in both its protein patterns and its DNA sequence (80% similarity to MS and 38% similarity to Z-761). Thus, the presence of gas vesicles is not an adequate taxonomic characteristic for assigning strains to


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