A new species of rapidly growing, nonphotochromogenic mycobacteria, , is described. The inclusion of this organism in the genus is based on its acid fastness, its mycolate pattern, and its G+C content. A study of six strains showed that they form a homogeneous group with an internal phenotypic similarity value of 97 ± 2.22%. DNA relatedness studies showed that the six strains which we studied form a single DNA hybridization group which is less than 49% related to 14 other species of the genus the δTm values determined for the strains which exhibited higher levels of DNA homology were all greater than 7.9°C. A Iipid analysis showed that tuberculostearic acid was present. Docosanoic and tetracosanoic acid methyl esters were detected as mycolic acid cleavage products. All six isolates which we tested contained α-mycolic acids and relatively large amounts of a new kind of mycolic acid containing a methoxy group at ω-1 position, a characteristic that has not been described previously in mycobacteria. Strain CR-21 is the type strain; a culture of this strain has been deposited in the Collection Nationale de Cultures de Microorganismes de I'Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, as strain CIP 103464.


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