Mycoplasmas isolated from the throats of lions were shown to belong to three serotypes, all of which were serologically distinct from the previously recognized and spp. Eight mycoplasma colonies were cloned, including one from a leopard (strain LP), and were examined in detail for morphology, growth, and biochemical characteristics. The strains had the following properties: Guanine-plus-cytosine contents of 37 mol% (strain LX [T = type strain]), 28 mol% (strain LL2), and 27 mol% (strain 3L2) and a requirement for sterol. Strain 3L2 metabolized glucose, which was not metabolized by strains LX and LL2. Arginine and urea were not hydrolyzed. Strain LX (= NCTC 11724) is the type strain of a new species, strain LL2 (= NCTC 11725) is the type strain of a second new species, and strain 3L2 (= NCTC 11726) is the type strain of a third new species,


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