The type strain (strain ICMP 4289) and two reference strains (strains ICMP 4290 and ICMP 4291) of (Takimoto 1939) Burkholder 1948 were obviously mislabeled at the Plant Disease Division Culture Collection (presently the International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants) in New Zealand when they were deposited in 1975 or subsequently when they were coded for the catalog of the collection. The strains were also mislabeled at the National Collection of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria in England when strain NCPPB 2982 (T = type strain) was transferred from the Plant Disease Division Culture Collection. Recently, these errors have caused considerable confusion in the taxonomic placement of this bacterium, not only in workers who received cultures from the culture collections but also in workers who are directly responsible for the culture collections. The type strain of the bacterium should be strain PC1 in the culture collection of plant-pathogenic bacteria at the Laboratory of Plant Pathology, Shizuoka University, strain ATCC 33616 in the American Type Culture Collection, or strain CCM 2888 in the Czechoslovak Collection of Microorganisms.


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