Restriction enzyme digestion and field inversion gel electrophoresis were used to analyze the chromosomes of strains of and the related organism . The chromosome size for the type strain was calculated from individual fragments to be 1,011.3 ± 32.9 kbp. The chromosomes of field strains were approximately the same size. The restriction patterns obtained for the chromosomes of phenotypically similar strains were quite different. Therefore, the species seems to be very heterogeneous. A field inversion gel electrophoresis analysis of the entire chromosomes allowed us to distinguish strains easily and hence to characterize further the species . The chromosome size for was calculated to be 988.3 ± 39.5 kbp. Restriction enzyme l, which statistically should cut the chromosome frequently, did not cut the DNA of any of the strains but did digest DNA, indicating that there is a site-specific modification at CTCGAG which probably belongs to a restriction modification system in and is absent in .


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