sp. strain NRRL B-3381 (T = type strain) is a nonmycelial, nonsporulating actinomycete that produces the macrolide antibiotic erythromycin. This bacterium differs in many ways from the type species of the genus ), suggesting that a taxonomic revision is appropriate. The G+C content of strain NRRL B-3381 DNA is 71 to 73 mol%, and the peptidoglycan of this organism contains LL-diaminopimelic acid. Evolutionary distance data obtained from 16S rRNA sequences identified NRRL B-3381 as the deepest branching member of the group of actinomycetes. The principal long-chain fatty acids which we identified that distinguished strain NRRL B-3381 from related G+C-rich bacteria were 10-methyloctadecanoic (tuberculosteric), octadecenoic, and hexadecanoic acids. These characteristics, together with phage typing and biochemical characteristics, form the basis for our recommendation that strain NRRL B-3381 should be the type strain of a new taxon, for which we propose the name .


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