The DNAs of a variety of obligate methanotrophic bacteria were analyzed for base composition and nucleotide distribution. Genome molecular weights were determined for representative strains. Similarity maps attained by plotting DNA base composition versus nucleotide distribution and genome molecular weight showed that related species formed distinct clusters. Group I methanotrophs were found to form three clusters in both nucleotide distribution and genome size analyses. The first cluster consisted of five species, ,” and “.” The other clusters included both species and spcies, indicating the heterogeneity within these genera. One cluster contained low-G+C-content strains and included , and “.” The type strains of and “” and a marine methanotrophic strain also clustered with the low-G+C-content group rather than with the genus . “” also appeared to be genetically distinct from the true species and clustered with the high-G+C-content strains. This cluster included , and other moderately thermophilic group I methanotrophic strains. The group II methanotrophs belonging to the genera “” and “” formed separate generic clusters according to genome molecular weight data but not according to nucleotide distribution data.


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