Seventy-three strains of the seven recognized species were studied by performing a multilocus enzyme electrophoresis analysis of 18 enzyme loci. The mean number of alleles per locus was 9.5 and all of the loci were polymorphic. A total of 56 electrophoretic types were distinguished. Cluster analysis of a matrix of the genetic distances between paired electrophoretic types revealed that there were six principal clusters at the species level (genetic distances between clusters greater than 0.8). , and each corresponded to one of these clusters with no overlap. Our results are in agreement with those of previous DNA hybridization experiments (Rocourt et al., Curr. Microbiol. 7:383-388, 1982). and electrophoretic types formed a unique cluster, thus reinforcing the suggestion of Wilkinson and Jones (J. Gen. Microbiol. 98:399-421, 1977) that these two species should be considered two biovars of a single species.


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