Four strains of budding, hyphal bacteria, which had very similar chemotaxonomic properties, were isolated from the Baltic Sea. The results of DNA-DNA hybridization experiments, indicated that three of the new isolates were closely related, while the fourth was only moderately related to the other three. Sequence signature and higher-order structural detail analyses of the 16S rRNA of strain IFAM 1418 (T = type strain) indicated that this isolate is related to the alpha subclass of the class . Although our isolates resemble members of the genera and in morphology, assignment to either of these genera was excluded on the basis of their markedly lower DNA guanine-plus-cytosine contents. We propose that these organisms should be placed in a new genus, is the type species of this genus, and the type strain of is strain IFAM 1418 (= DSM 5838).


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