The phenotypic and chemotaxonomic characteristics of strains were examined. These strains were gram-negative, peritrichously flagellated, branching, filament-forming bacteria. The cellular fatty acids consisted of large amounts of straight-chain unsaturated C acid, as well as straight-chain saturated C acid and unsaturated C acid. The major ubiquinone was ubiquinone Q-10. The strains were divided into four groups, including one group containing ATCC 4279 (= IFO 13291 = NCIB 9439) (T = type strain) and another group containing ATCC 4278 (= IFO 13290 = NCIB 9440), on the basis of DNA base composition, major hydroxy fatty acid composition, mucosity of colonies, acid production from sugars, and utilization of carbon compounds. This division into groups was supported by the results of DNA-DNA homology experiments. Two new species, and , are proposed. The type strain of is strain TK0053 (= NCIB 9440), and the type strain of is strain TK0059 (= IFO 13240 = ATCC 21756).


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