and are inappropriately assigned to the genus . They belong to the acidovorans rRNA complex in rRNA superfamily III (i.e., the beta subclass of the ). The taxonomic relationships of both of these species, two groups of clinical isolates (E. Falsen [EF] group 13 and EF group 16), and several unidentified or presently misnamed strains were examined by using DNA:rRNA hybridization, numerical analyses of biochemical and auxanographic features and of fatty acid patterns, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of cellular proteins, and DNA:DNA hybridization. These organisms form a separate group within the acidovorans rRNA complex, and we propose to transfer them to a new genus, . We describe the following three species in this genus: The type species, (formerly ), with type strain LMG 2193 (= CCUG 2113 = ATCC 11228); (for the former and most of the EF group 13 strains), with type strain LMG 5943 (= CCUG 1779 = ATCC 17505); and (for several former and strains and most of the EF group 16 strains), with type strain CCUG 11779 (= LMG 7169).


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