A new species of the genus is described. This organism is characterized by light yellowish pink aerial hyphae bearing abundant sporangia which enclose many large, spherical, nonmotile spores. Cell walls of this new species contain -diaminopimelic acid, mannose, arabinose, and madurose (cell wall chemotype III and type B whole-cell sugar pattern); the cells contain phosphatidylinositol, diphosphatidylglycerol, and unknown glucosamine-containing phospholipids (phospholipid pattern type PIV), and they contain no mycolic acids. The major menaquinone detected was MK-9(H); a minor amount of MK-9(H) was also detected. Thus, this isolate has chemical and morphological properties that are consistent with the properties of the genus A comparison with previously described species of the genus in which we used standard techniques plus fatty acid analyses indicated that this organism differs from previously described species. The name proposed for this new species is The type strain is strain A84575 (= NRRL 18437). The description is based on a single isolate.


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