strains were clearly distinguished from , and other species by numerical classification in which 107 characters were used. was differentiated from sensu stricto by the following characteristics: Presence of 2-week arylsulfatase, α-esterase, and β-esterase activities; absence of the ability to utilize citrate as a sole carbon source; and presence of the ability to utilize iso-butanol as a sole carbon source. The type strain (strain ATCC 33726) exhibited 39% relatedness to type strain ATCC 19247 and 20% relatedness to type strain ATCC 3318 in a DNA relatedness analysis. The α-mycolic acids of contained 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 carbon atoms and one to four double bonds. The numbers of carbon atoms in the α-unit were 16:0 or 18:1; these numbers in the α-unit were characteristic because the α-unit possessed an unsaturated alkyl unit (18:1). Thus, the mycolic acids of were clearly differentiated from those of and .


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