Strain 831-C4 (T = type strain), isolated from the surface of lettuce plants () obtained from a retail food market, was shown to be a sterol-requiring mollicute. Morphological examination of this organism by electron and dark-field microscopic techniques showed that it consists of small, nonhelical, nonmotile, pleomorphic coccoid cells, with individual cells surrounded by a single cytoplasmic membrane. No evidence of a cell wall was observed. The organism grew rapidly in all conventional culture medium formulations for mollicutes in either aerobic or anaerobic environments. The optimum temperature for growth was 30°C, but multiplication occurred at 18 to 37°C. Strain 831-C4 catabolized glucose, but hydrolysis of arginine or urea could not be demonstrated. The genome size of strain 831-C4 was determined to be about 569 megadaltons, while the base composition (guanine-plus-cytosine content) of the DNA was 30.0 mol%. Recent studies in which we compared the 16S rRNA sequences of strain 831-C4 with those of more than 40 other mollicutes indicated that this organism is phylogenetically related to the clade. Strain 831-C4 was serologically unrelated to the type strains of previously described species and to 18 other unclassified sterol-requiring isolates cultivated from various animal, plant, or insect sources. Strain 831-C4 (= ATCC 49193) is the type strain of sp. nov.


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