A collection of 47 strains of obligately anaerobic, gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria that were isolated mainly from spoiled beer and pitching yeast was studied to learn more about their taxonomic positions. A new species of the genus , a new species of the genus , and a new genus comprising two species, and , are described. All of the strains contained directly cross-linked -diaminopimelic acid-containing peptidoglycan and in addition the diamine cadaverine or (rarely) putrescine. The diamine was covalently linked to the α-carboxyl group of -glutamic acid in the peptide subunit of peptidoglycan. Lipid F was also found as a characteristic cellular compound. The phylogenetic relationships of members of these new species were examined by reverse transcriptase sequencing of 16S rRNA or by DNA-DNA hybridization studies or both. All of the organisms belong to the subdivision containing species with gram-negative cell walls within the phylum of gram-positive bacteria. This finding is in good agreement with the presence of a peptidoglycan that contains diamine.


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