Two new species in the genus are proposed. These organisms differ in carbon utilization profiles, vitamin requirements for growth, and levels of deoxyribonucleic acid relatedness to previously described species. The new species (type strain 6393-C [= IFO 14550]) contains menaquinones with 10 isoprene units (MK-10) as its major respiratory quinones, contains 3-0-methylrhamnose in its cell walls, is resistant to novobiocin, does not require thiamine for growth, and uses fructose and raffinose but not mannitol, α-methyl-D-glucoside, or rhamnose as a sole carbon source. The new species (type strain 6420-P [= IFO 14552]) contains menaquines with nine isoprene units (MK-9) as its major menaquinones, does not contain 3-0-methylrhamnose, is susceptible to novobiocin, requires thiamine for growth, and uses fructose, raffinose, and rhamnose but not mannitol or α-methyl-D-glucoside as a sole carbon source.


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