A numerical phenotypic analysis, in which the unweighted pair group average linkage method and Dice similarity coefficient were used, was performed on 155 strains received as , or . These organisms are the clinically important nonfluorescent species belonging to ribosomal ribonucleic acid group I of Palleroni and co-workers. Six major clusters, which could be further divided into 20 subclusters, were formed. Most strains received as fell into three subclusters (subclusters A1, A2, and B1), whereas strains received as were mainly classified in two other subclusters (subclusters C2 and C3). All but two strains (subcluster D1) of organisms received as were grouped in subcluster D2. Most of the 45 strains received as were contained in a large subcluster, subcluster E2 (39 strains). Strains belonging to fluorescent pseudomonad species (, and ), which were included in the analysis for control purposes, were contained in one cluster, which comprised seven subclusters.


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