A new species, , is proposed for a group of facultatively anaerobic endospore-forming bacteria isolated from soil that hydrolyze various β-glucans, including carboxymethyl cellulose and pustulan. Of the 14 strains examined, 11 were phenotypically homogeneous, and five of these strains showed high levels of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) relatedness (>68%) to a reference strain. Two pustulan-hydrolyzing strains were atypical, with low levels of DNA relatedness (52 to 57%), and a third strain was not classified as strains produce motile microcolonies similar to those of but can be distinguished from this taxon by several phenotypic characteristics and a higher DNA base composition (48 mol%). is similar to and related species; indeed, four strains were received as , but distinctive phenotypic characteristics and low levels of DNA homology with , and strains support its introduction as a new species. The type strain of is strain S93 (= DSM 5162).


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