Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)-DNA hybridizations were performed on strains of . Our results indicate that this species as presently constituted is genomically very heterogeneous. The majority of strains designated subsp. , together with members of subsp. subsp. , and subsp. , exhibited high levels of DNA relatedness with each other but were distinct from the type strain of subsp. . Strains of subsp. also formed a genomically homogeneous group unrelated to all members of the other subspecies examined. On the basis of the present and previous findings we suggest that members of subsp. subsp. , and subsp. and the majority of subsp. strains be given separate species status, for which we propose the names sp. nov., subsp. (type strain, NCDO 151), and subsp. (type strain ATCC 25599). We also propose that subsp. be elevated to species status, as sp. nov. (type strain, ATCC 7469).


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