A new species of , is proposed for three radiation-resistant strains which were isolated from samples of cotton and soil. This species is phenotypically, genetically, and enzymatically distinguished from other species. Strains of this species are gram-negative, oxidase-negative, nonsporeforming, nonmotile, nonfermentative, aerobic, pleomorphic coccobacilli and produce no acid from saccharides; they assimilated 16 of the 52 carbon sources which we examined. The radiation-resistant strains had little deoxyribonucleic acid homology (15 to 44%) with other strains and showed a different pattern from other strains on electrophoretic analysis of enzymes. The guanine-plus-cytosine contents of the deoxyribonucleic acids are 44.1 to 44.8 mol%. The major cellular fatty acids are C, C and C, and the ubiquinone system is Q-9. The type strain of this species is strain FO-1 (= IAM 13186).


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