Serratia entomophila sp. nov. is a homogeneous deoxyribonucleic acid relatedness group most closely related to and . All 19 strains studied resembled (the phenotypically closest species) by their inability to ferment or utilize -rhamnose, -rhamnose, -melibiose, dulcitol, and -raffinose but differed from by their inability to ferment or utilize sorbitol and their lack of lysine and ornithine decarboxylases. All strains utilized itaconate, a unique characteristic among species. Two biotypes could be distinguished. Strains of biotype 1 utilized -arabitol but not -arabitol or -xylose. Strains of biotype 2 utilized -arabitol and -xylose but not -arabitol. has been isolated from insect larvae and water. Most strains were isolated in New Zealand from the grass grub infected with amber disease. None of the strains were isolated from infected humans, animals (other than insects), or plants. The type strain is strain A1 (ATCC 43705).


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