Relatedness among strains of , and was determined by computerized comparison of total soluble cell protein patterns. Two related subgroups of were obtained: the first comprised a tight cluster of strains ATCC 11579 and ATCC 9460 with neotype strain ATCC 4005, and the second contained strains ATCC 12936, ATCC 12935, and ATCC 11307. ATCC 13648, ATCC 4006, ATCC 367, and ATCC 8287 appear to be related to the neotype strain of (ATCC 14869), ATCC 11577 to , and ATCC 27646 to ATCC 367 and ATCC 8287. ATCC 14434 and ATCC 11740 were originally misclassified. The protein patterns of these strains did not resemble those of any of the other named lactobacilli which were examined. Our findings support the reclassification of ATCC 8007 as ATCC 11739 as , and ATCC 23272 as , and are distinct, separate species.


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