A nonobligate, bacterial predator of bacteria in soil is described. It was previously designated as strain N-1. It is a gram-negative, aerobic, mesophilic, short rod that multiplies by binary fission. It is motile and has peritrichous flagella. It has simple nutritive requirements when not acting as a predator. Glucose is not utilized as a carbon source. Instead, it uses fructose or any of several amino acids. As a predator, it attacks both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including certain other nonobligate bacterial predators of bacteria in soil. It is highly resistant to copper, and its growth initiation is strongly stimulated by copper. Copper has no effect on the cellular multiplication that occurs after growth has initiated. A new genus, , is proposed for this bacterium. The type species is sp. nov., and strain N-1 (ATCC 43291) is the type strain of this species.


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