Four similar strains of gram-negative, red or pink, radiation-resistant, rod-shaped bacteria were isolated from animal feces and freshwater fish. Cell division was a simple type. The deoxyribonucleic acid guanineplus-cytosine (G + C) base ratio was 69 mol%, and menaquinone (MK-8) was found in their respiratory chain. The predominant cellular fatty acids were C and C. Ornithine was the diamino acid in the peptidoglycan, and the peptidoglycan type of a representative strain was the ornithine-glycine (A3β) type. They stained gram negative (by the Hucker modification staining method), and they showed an unusual cell wall structure similar to that of the genus Their chemotaxonomic features were also very close to those of species. The ribonuclease T catalog of 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid showed a close relationship to those of species. It is proposed that they be named gen. nov., sp. nov.; the designated type strain is KS 0485 (= IAM 13005).


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