Filter-fixed deoxyribonucleic acid preparations from organisms of the and from two unpigmented, psychrophilic, misnamed “” strains were hybridized with labeled ribosomal ribonucleic acids (rRNAs) from ATCC 23055(T = type strain), ATCC 27126, B, NCTC 10322, NCTC 4189, ATCC 17802, MMCA 40, NCMB 557, ATCC 27119, NCPPB 528, ATCC 15173, NCPPB 325, ATCC 15668, NCIB 8156, NCTC 9796, NCTC 9757, NCIB 8621, ICPB TTIII, and NZP 4009. The results revealed that the present members of the are genetically very heterogeneous. This family contains at least five unrelated groups. One group is located in rRNA superfamily III (containing the complex, , etc.) and includes the “true neisseriae,” , and The present emended family should be limited to these organisms. Its closest genetic relative is Another group, formed by , the “false neisseriae,” and the misnamed achromobacters, should be removed from the ; it is somewhat related to organisms belonging to rRNA superfamily II (containing the complex, , etc.). does not belong to either of these groups and is situated between rRNA superfamily I (containing the , etc.) and rRNA superfamily II. and are not at all related to other members of the genus


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