A total of 22 species of the order , representing eight serologically distinct groups, were tested for the presence of the first two enzymes of the arginine dihydrolase pathway by using two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography to separate end products. Both citrulline, produced by arginine deiminase, and ornithine, produced by ornithine carbamoyltransferase, were found in the glycolytic serogroup 1 species , and sp. bovine group 7, in (serogroup 6), and in the nonfermentative serogroup 7 species , and . Citrulline alone was found in one glycolytic species, (serogroup 4). No end products were found in six other fermentative species, in three species, or in two serovars. The use of radiolabeled substrate with representative species showed that citrulline and ornithine were produced from arginine and not derived from the medium.


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