The total deoxyribonucleic acids from 10 strains of an undescribed cactophilic species of were subjected to restriction analyses with endonucleases I, RI, I, and I. A 7.6-kilobase tandemly repeated segment of the genome was mapped and found to possess both conserved regions and variable regions among the strains examined. A total of eight possible endonuclease recognition sites were identified. Two strains were heterogeneous, and one of these shared one of its restriction maps with three other strains. In one instance, variation was correlated with a habitat difference. In addition, all strains possessed very large (up to 28-kilobase) repetitive RI fragments. Preliminary results indicate that this yeast species shares parts of its conserved region with , but that there are major differences between the two species in their variable regions. The use of restriction mapping in taxonomic and other investigations of yeasts is discussed.


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