We describe two species of the new genus sp. nov. and sp. nov. Members of this genus are aerobic, produce nonfragmenting vegetative hyphae, and form chains of conidia on aerial sporophores. The cell walls are type II (-diaminopimelic acid and glycine are present), and the whole-cell sugar patterns are type D (xylose and arabinose are present). The phospholipid pattern of both species is type P-I (no nitrogenous phospholipids). The guanine-plus-cytosine content of the deoxyribonucleic acid ranges from 71 to 73 mol%. The type strain of type species is strain NRRL 15337 (= LL-D05139), and the type strain of is strain NRRL B-16106 (= LL-I-20).


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