A new species of , for which we propose the name , was isolated from a soil sample from Yuma County, Ariz. Whole-cell hydrolysates contain the isomer of diaminopimelic acid and the sugar madurose; thus, the cell wall composition type is type III. No nitrogenous phospholipids are present (type PI). Spores are formed in short spiral chains on branched, almost verticillate sporophores. The spores are ovoid and have smooth surfaces. This microorganism produces the polyether ionophore antibiotic X-14868A and is characterized by grayish yellow to dark yellowish brown substrate mycelium, white aerial hyphae (when produced) with light gray spores, and yellowish to greenish soluble pigments. Glucose, maltose, sucrose, and trehalose are the only sugars that support good growth on ISP medium 9. The type strain of is strain LL-C23024 (= NRRL 12515).


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