Seven strains of which were isolated from clinical sources were compared with the type strains of and seven species of . These 15 strains were examined for 11 biochemical characteristics; minor phenotypic variations were observed for the 7 strains of . . All 15 strains were characterized by four major cellular fatty acids (13-methyltetradecanoate, 2-hydroxy-13-methyltetradecanoate, 3-hydroxy-15-methylhexadecanoate, and a monounsaturated 16-carbon straight-chain acid). Sphingophospholipid long-chain bases were detected in all strains of but were not detected in , , or , and contained major amounts of menaquinone 7 but no menaquinone 6, whereas , , and contained major amounts of menaquinone 6 but no menaquinone 7. The phenotypic and chemical characteristics of indicate a close taxonomic relationship with , and .


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