Of 30 strains isolated from infections in dogs, 15 were found to have galactose, glucose, and rhamnose in their cell wall carbohydrates, whereas the remainder had only galactose and glucose. No 6-deoxytalose was detected in any of our analyses. The biochemical characteristics of the rhamnose-positive strains deficient in 6-deoxytalose were similar to those of ATCC 19246 and ATCC 27045, a reference dog strain. In contrast, the 15 strains having only galactose and glucose in their wall carbohydrates had biochemical and serological characteristics unlike those of any previously accepted species of . The name sp. nov. is proposed for this organism which is associated with thoracic, abdominal, or recurrent localized infections that sometimes are associated with awns of foxtails ( spp). The type strain of is strain ATCC 35275 (= UCD 81-332-9).


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