Alkalophilic actinomycete strains were examined to determine their taxonomic position. These organisms, which were isolated from Japanese soils, are capable of growing in synthetic and organic media between pH 7.0 and 11.0, but not at pH 6.5. Best growth is obtained between pH 9.0 and 10.0. Aerial mycelium is abundantly formed, and this mycelium fragments into long chains of smooth walled ectospores of varying lengths. Whole cells contain -diaminopimelic acid and phosphatidylcholine, but not diagnostically important sugars. Glycine is not detected in cell walls. The major menaquinones are MK-10; they contain iso, anteiso, and unsaturated odd-numbered fatty acids. The results of biochemical, cultural, and physiological tests suggest that the strains which we examined are closely related to Meyer. However, these strains consistently differ from other strains of (utilize maltose and rhamnose; grow at high pH), so we propose that they are a new subspecies of . The type strain of subsp. subsp. nov. is strain 208 (= JCM 3336).


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